Central Waste provide a waste management service to businesses across the Merseyside area. Recycling is increasingly important as landfill costs increase alongside environmental concerns.

Working with both large and small businesses, Central Waste offer a range of competitively priced solutions and were looking to grow their number of customers within the North-West.


Central Waste operate in a highly competitive industry. As a local company, they have to find ways to compete against large, national operators.

Increasing traffic to their site, particularly from potential customers, was key to their business development. They already had a proven service with satisfied customers and the challenge was how to utilise this to reach their new targets.

By providing a clearly defined service to a distinct regional audience, Central Waste gained prominence and an ongoing increase in their online exposure.


We undertook a comprehensive SEO programme, covering areas such as:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimising¬†page titles, meta descriptions, headings and alt tags
  • Associating target keywords with specific pages and optimising page content accordingly
  • Improving internal links to target pages
  • Adding relevant backlinks where appropriate
  • Setting up Google Business page
  • Providing guidance for optimising new content with regard to SEO
  • Reviewing sitemap.xml to ensure all pages are being indexed

Central Waste have a strong local presence in the Merseyside region. Optimising for local search results was a key focus for the campaign. This would differentiate Central Waste from national rivals as we sought to ensure they were associated with the relevant geographic keywords and searches.

As a business to business operation, we also sought to focus on the economic benefits of recycling and using Central Waste, while discouraging domestic waste enquiries which were distracting the office team.

Throughout the campaign, Studiowide tracked the performance of the pages and the rankings of the associated keywords and made adjustments accordingly.


Central Waste saw steady growth across a series of metrics, including:

  • Search engine ranking for target keywords
  • Number of keywords for which they appear on page 1 of Google
  • Click throughs to the Central Waste from organic search
  • Number of keywords which return Central Waste in their results

These improvements in the metrics resulted in an increased number of useful enquiries to Central Waste from businesses in the target area.