Paroc is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient and fire-proof insulation solutions. Based in Finland, they have operations in 13 countries and provide their high-quality products to over 40 countries.

When we began working with Paroc, 60% of their market were within the Baltic region. They aimed to grow their business in Europe, especially in the UK.


Paroc also had a target to achieve 15% of turnover using digital channels. A key part of the plan to achieve this was to utilise an SEO programme to boost the profile of, and traffic to, their UK site.

Increasing traffic to their site, particularly from potential customers, such as insulation suppliers and contractors from the UK construction industry, would be instrumental in this task. They already had a proven, high quality product that was well established in other regions – their aim was to see it more widely recognised as such within the UK.

By providing clear, independent information in an important field and not simply trying to promote its products, the Paroc site gained prominence and exposure for the company.


We undertook a comprehensive SEO programme, covering areas such as:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimising page titles, meta descriptions, headings and alt tags
  • Associating target keywords with specific pages and optimising page content accordingly
  • Improving internal links to target pages
  • Adding relevant backlinks where appropriate
  • Setting up Google Business page
  • Providing guidance for optimising new content with regard to SEO
  • Advising on improving page templates during a site redesign
  • Reviewing sitemap.xml to ensure all pages are being indexed
  • Optimising the site for mobile based on Google PageSpeed insights

The Paroc site includes a section called Knowhow, which provides information about the areas related to their products, eg. pages about sound insulation and fire safety and classification. Google ranks pages that are an authority in their field highly, and Paroc made it clear through their Knowhow page that they have excellent knowledge of their field.

Throughout the campaign, Studiowide tracked the performance of the pages and the rankings of the associated keywords and made adjustments accordingly.


Paroc’s site traffic had already begun to climb, however there was a significant spike in traffic in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. As the public became more aware of the danger poor cladding can pose, they sought out high quality information on fireproof cladding and the associated fire ratings. By being the number one resource for this information, the Paroc site was able to provide this information to interested parties. Long after the spike in traffic, the site has continued to have an increased volume of visitors, and a higher proportion of visitors against it’s competitors, reflecting its profile as an authority in this area.

By providing clear, independent information in an important field and not simply trying to promote its products, the Paroc site gained prominence and fulfilled the remit of gaining exposure for the company.