Containers Direct are one of the leading retailers of shipping containers for sale in the UK. They began by retailing standard new and used containers, and have grown the business to include their own production facilities.

Container conversions have been a growth area in recent years, with customers requiring a variety of bespoke features. With their own fabrication depot, Containers Direct can ensure the quality control throughout projects. While Containers Direct have long enjoyed a good profile online, the competition in their product area is strong.

Containers Direct operate in a highly competitive industry. Shipping containers are traditionally famed for their uniformity and durability. To continue to prosper, Containers Direct need to adapt to consumer requirements and market the flexibility of their services alongside the quality of their products.

Increasing traffic to their site, particularly from potential customers, was key to their business development. They already had a proven product range with satisfied customers – the challenge was how to utilise this to reach their new targets.

In order to help Containers Direct achieve these goals, we undertook a comprehensive SEO programme, covering areas including:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimising page titles, meta descriptions, headings and alt tags
  • Resolving indexing issues and registering the site with Google Search Console
  • Setting up performance tracking metrics in Google Analytics
  • Associating target keywords with specific pages and optimising page content accordingly
  • Improving internal links to target pages
  • Adding relevant backlinks where appropriate
  • Setting up Google Business page
  • Providing guidance for optimising new content with regard to SEO
  • Reviewing sitemap.xml to ensure all pages are being indexed
  • Optimising the website for mobile performance

Whilst Containers Direct are a leading manufacturer of shipping containers, they operate in a highly competitive area. Emphasising their unique selling points, such as their container conversions and the reliability of the brand, was a main focus of the campaign.

Throughout the campaign, we tracked the performance of the pages and the rankings of the associated keywords and made adjustments accordingly.

Containers Direct saw steady growth across a series of metrics, including:

  • Search engine ranking for target keywords
  • Number of keywords for which they appear on page 1 of Google
  • Click throughs to the Containers Direct website from organic search
  • Number of keywords that return Containers Direct in their results

These improvements in the metrics resulted in increased traffic to product and enquiry pages.

Keyword Analysis

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

By emphasising their quality, adaptability and reliability to clearly defined audiences, Containers Direct increased their online exposure and promoted a dynamic product range.