Vacuum Engineering Services are specialist providers of helium leak testing solutions for manufacturers around the globe. Helium leak testing is used to validate components for quality, environmental and safety purposes. It is currently the most sensitive non-destructive leak test available.

Leak testing is vital for a range of industrial sectors including automotive, residential, energy and medical. For example, automotive manufacturers need to be sure fuel tanks meet the required standards for safety and environmental regulations.

Formed in 1994 from Leybold Ltd, Vacuum Engineering Services are based in Trafford Park, Manchester and have centres around the world.

Vacuum Engineering Services offer a highly specialised service, operating within a business to business environment. The challenge was to build awareness of their services with potential customers in industry, rather than to a wider audience of domestic consumers.

VES have a range of established clients among global manufacturers, and provide direct support in many countries. To further establish their brand within their target sectors, in their target geographical locations was a key challenge. By doing this, they would look to attract additional customers.

In order to help VES achieve these goals, we undertook a comprehensive SEO programme geared around a website redesign, covering areas including:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Upgrade website with redesign and content refresh
  • Improving internal links to target pages
  • Optimising page titles, meta descriptions, headings and alt tags
  • Resolving indexing issues and utilising organic search data from Google Search Console
  • Setting up performance tracking metrics in Google Analytics
  • Associating target keywords with specific pages and optimising page content accordingly
  • Adding relevant backlinks where appropriate
  • Optimising Google Business page
  • Providing new content with regard to SEO
  • Reviewing sitemap.xml to ensure all pages are being indexed
  • Optimising the new website for mobile performance

Emphasising the quality of and specific features of VES products, geared to a bespoke service across a range of industry sectors was a main focus of the campaign.

Throughout the campaign, we tracked the performance of the pages and the rankings of the associated keywords, enabling us to make adjustments accordingly.

Vacuum Engineering Services saw steady growth across a series of metrics, including:

  • Search engine ranking for target keywords
  • Number of keywords for which they appear on page 1 of Google
  • Click throughs to the VES website from organic search

These improvements in the metrics combined with the company having a better understanding of where there was interest in leak testing, via location data. This provided a better understanding of the global marketplace for helium leak testing.

Keyword Analysis

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

By combining a website redesign with an SEO programme, Vacuum Engineering Systems were able to better illustrate the quality and distinct features of their leak testing services – bringing them to new potential customers within a global marketplace.